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Couch & Chair Upholstery - Reupholstery

Be assured of its comfort and durability! Lots of folks have discovered the advantages of reupholstering. More than likely, you're comfortable with the pieces of furniture you have. Maybe it's a sentimental piece that has seen better days. Ever wondered why your old furniture has lasted so long? It probably has yesteryear's built-in quality. When you choose to reupholster, you'll enjoy the convenience of shopping in your own home. We can assist and advise you with your selection of fabrics from an almost endless palette of colors, patterns and fiber content performance. You can even update and restyle your furniture by adding or altering simple details. You are the master designer of your furniture and we are your dependable artisan.

Upholstery Solutions

With over one thousand upholstery fabrics to choose from, we know that we have what you are looking for!

We have stripe upholstery fabric, solid upholstery fabrics, chenille upholstery fabrics, damask upholstery fabrics, velvet upholstery fabrics, tweed, faux, denim, floral, printed, wool, plain and more!!!

Whether you're restoring an antique chair, or fixing up your everyday couch, Country Upholstery is here for you every step of the way. We specialize in reupholstering all types of furniture, using fabric, vinyl, or leather.

We are here to help you find the perfect fabrics to rejuvenate your furniture. Our job is not completed, until you are satisfied with our work.